What is Less Doing?

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Less Doing – Optimize, Automate, and Outsource

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lessdoing.com started in early 2011 as a blog of productivity hacks. It quickly developed into a framework for optimizing, automating, and outsourcing everything in people’s personal and professional lives. The blog covers everything from email management to fitness and helps make everything in life easier. I encourage you to check out the blog and subscribe to the RSS FeedNewsletter, and Podcast.

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  1. Achievement Architect

    Less Doing Coaching

    Mary Lang
    Mary Lang
    Vice President, Dispositions Officer at Prologis, Inc. (formerly AMB Property Corporation)

    I started working with Ari in early 2012 when I was trying to overcome some health issues and generally find balance between physical and mental health. Ari provided excellent guidance on how I might “hack” my body to find out ways to achieve better health through diet and exercise. Once the physical and emotional limitations were better defined, Ari set to work creating a…more

    June 10, 2013, Mary was Ari’s client

    David Madie
    David Madie
    Founder and CEO of Startup Company and Growth Company

    Ari simply helped me increase my personal productivity at work and in life with perhaps 100% or more. I strongly recommend everyone to explore his principles, concepts and software recommendations, and to use him as coach for just a few hours to make it happen.

    May 25, 2013, David was Ari’s client

    Joshua Millage
    Joshua Millage
    Co-Founder at CodeBOX LLC + President of True Wave Consulting + Community Manager at Get Momentum

    Ari is a fantastic coach who helped me with everything from weight loss and sleep optimization to finding out how to outsource the things in my life that I thought were not able to be outsourced. I would highly recommend Ari to anyone who needs help achieving their goals.

    March 15, 2012, Joshua was Ari’s client

    Karin Bellantoni
    Karin Bellantoni
    Strategic Business Growth Expert

    Ari is a master at efficiency. Typically we don’t even know…what we don’t know. Ari serves as a bridge to valuable services that his clients don’t know about. He has helped me short cut so many learning curves around social media, web development and staffing support. In addition Ari is a great resource for all things health related. This kind of rounded experience is…more

    February 21, 2012, Karin was Ari’s client

    Ari Helfman
    Ari Helfman
    Associate – Client Service Supervisor at Brown Brothers Harriman

    Ari helped me to reach a personal goal within three months of working with him. He was a great motivator and his continuous positive reinforcement really helped out in times of need. I would definitely recommend him to help you out in an aspect of your life that you’re looking to improve upon.

    November 22, 2011, Ari was Ari’s client

  2. Co-Founder

    Less Doing

    Robert Brown
    Robert Brown
    SVP and Chief Business Development Officer at NetNearU | Among Top 50 People Most Connected on LinkedIn Worldwide

    Ari’s life story and his passion for helping others is both inspirational and heartwarming. Himself having overcome seemingling insurmountable odds against a desease deemed incurable, Ari literally took the challenge to BEAT the desease (and WON that challenge) and is today one of the most renowned and sought after speakers, whose primary focus is helping others streamline…more

    October 17, 2011, Robert was Ari’s client

    Jason Wisdom
    Jason Wisdom
    Co-Founder at The Design Gym

    As a one man operation the single greatest asset I have is the time that can be dedicated towards my clients. Ari has helped me streamline the daily interruptions that pull me away from my to-do list and be more effective with the additional time I do have. He’s a student of efficiency and has an obvious love for helping others focus on what’s important.

“Might be the most efficient, effective hour of learning ever! If you want to be more productive (which less face it, we all do to some degree) but don’t have the time or capacity time to work out how – go to this class. Go on. Just do it.” – Shannon

“I’ve never been a part of a class that covered so much material so completely and efficiently. Ari covered everything from managing email overflow to the wonder of virtual assistants to fitness and wellness, offering free and cheap cloud-based solutions at every stop along the way. This class is absolutely worth the ticket.” – Kevin

“I highly recommend this class. Ari has a deep knowledge of digital tools and methodologies that allow you to accomplish more in less time. I learned a tremendous number of things that I plan on implementing in my daily routine – from clever strategies for things we know we should be already using (email filters) to new tools and services that allow others to accomplish things for you (virtual assistants). I always had an inkling that technology could help me be more organized and efficient, if I just knew what tools to use and how to use them. It can, and Ari is an inspiring example of how to get there. ” – Michael

“Ari is the James Bond of productivity. If your life doesn’t become easier and more productive after taking this class, you weren’t listening. ”
– Clay

Full List of Endorsements

  • EVYP

    Just watched you on Fox.  The art of doing less caught my attention immediately.  Unfortunately I fall under the art of doing everything.  Just can’t sit still.  I just had a heart transplant on October 13, 2012 and I constantly have to remind myself to relax to stop doing so much.  Has not happened yet.  I do so much and most of the time is not even appreciated.  HELP!!!!   I observe my family and wish I can be like them.  They don’t have a care in the world.

    • http://www.arimeisel.com/ LessDoing

      EVYP Please sign up for a coaching session on the Learn page and lets get you optimized

  • KristiTN

    I’m in the same position with Crohn’s. I also have Fibro and possibly Lupus. I need help. Somedays I can’t hardly get out of bed. Can’t afford treatments. HELP!

    • http://www.arimeisel.com/ LessDoing

      KristiTN http://www.lessdoing.com/learn/

  • Megan

    Hi Ari,
    Your motivation and insight into individual effectiveness is inspiring to read about on your blog. I see that you are teaching now for skillshare (wonderful!) and would love to suggest an article that may help you in sharing presentations with your students!

  • Hardlife

    Best Ari,
    I need help on my Crohn’s i have it now for a year and i want to be healty i’m a sporter,
    what are the steps that i must gonna take too be healty again, i wanna live a normal life. Help me

    • Celine

      Hardlife I do understand you when you say “I wanna live a normal life”. I did to. Ari’s post, “How I Overcame Crohn’s Disease” has been a life changer for me. Here’s the link: http://www.lessdoing.com/2013/05/06/how-i-overcame-crohns-disease/

  • taylor2545

    Chron’s is a very difficult disease that expensive so I can’t imagine how patients feel. I love this site because I found a lot of answers to my questions and everyone is helpful. 


  • http://kitchenmadeabs.com/ KitchenMadeAbs

    Ari, all you’ve done is really incredible. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many, many other people! Thank you, again for being on my http://kitchenmadeabs.com podcast, sharing your story and your thoughts! 

    Bill Gates

  • nagendrak

    Great blog post, lessdoing.com is a regular site I follow. Thank you for you people making this site.

  • Talih Kusu

    I think  what he wants to tell is to overcome your superego…

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    Factor Diet</a>

  • http://www.medtrip.com/news/ Trish Conner

    Time management is a very important skill.  http://www.medtrip.com/news/

  • http://www.1plantarfasciitis.com Brynjar

    What a super idea…doing less and getting more done!  That’s a goal worthy of aiming for. Thanks!

  • http://ourherbalnutrition.com/ ourherbalnutrition

    Yes wonderful idea..thanks for giving the article…

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