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Things I Found Interesting This Week (8/16/13)

By August 16, 2013 Links, Posts No Comments


Each week I read thousands of blog posts from hundreds of sources, these are the best things that I found this week.


Friday Posts

Crowdflik | social video sharing
CrowdFlik is the revolutionary new mobile video app that enables users to create and share custom edits of crowd-sourced video.
Harry Houdini, Lock Picking, And Entrepreneurship | TechCrunch
It’s summer here in Silicon Valley, and for my column this month, I’ll try to finally polish and publish some of the old posts that have been collecting dust in my “drafts” folder. Usually, I try to make the column timely, but not this time.
How to Stay Crazy Productive with a Baby Around | Greatist
Children are one of the most amazing paradoxes the universe has ever come up with. A child can make you want to cry from joy in one minute and fear in the next. They can deprive you of so much sleep that you begin to think they’re doing it on purpose and then, with a flutter of the eyes, make you feel like you can fly. Every new thing they do is simultaneously awesome and terrifying, like the first time they climb your bookcase — followed by the quick realization that they just climbed up a bookcase.
The Right Way to Approach Health Hacks (And Why They Matter) | Healthynomics
What does it mean to hack your health? We explore the meaning of health and fitness hacking and how hacks should be approached for maximum benefits.
The Ultimate Guide to Vitamins and Minerals | Greatist
With so many vitamin and mineral buzzwords, reading food packaging can feel like swimming in an alphabet soup! So what’s all the fuss over those nutrients vitamin A through zinc? Read on to understand why these essential nutrients are, well, so essential.
You Can Do Anything: Must Every Kids' Movie Reinforce the Cult of Self-Esteem? - Atlantic Mobile
Encouraging kids is fine, but films like Planes and Turbo take their messages to an extreme. Parents should turn to 1969's A Boy Named Charlie Brown for a reality check.


interesting link......without a lot of content unless i am missing something