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‘Less Doing Live’ is coming to NYC

From May 1-3, 2015
Less Doing, More Living
Founder Ari Meisel
Will Take New York City by Calm

Along with Special Guests Joe Polish,
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Screencasts vs. Written Processes

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    One of the unique concepts that I am most proud of is “The Manual of You”. This manual is a series of exercises that takes a granular look at the processes we all go through on a regular basis and analyzes the steps required to complete those processes. Whether that process is paying a bill, posting a new podcast to your blog, or even making your lunch, everything you do can be broken down into descriptive steps.   We have two systems in our brain: the automatic, energy saving system, and the more analytical, higher-level thinking system. Anything…

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Why Deferring to Tomorrow is Bad for Your Brain

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  A few months ago, I was at a conference and stopped in to hear a speech by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, the number one entrepreneur-coaching program. He was talking about how thinking in terms of 2x growth is much worse than thinking in terms of 10x growth. This comment came as part of an explanation of how to grow your business. Sullivan explained that when you think in terms of doubling your revenue, sales, or growth, that it’s actually really bad for your brain because it puts you in a box. You become short sighted and the real…

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Disposable Time

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  The idea of disposable income is pretty simple. Once your living expenses such as food, bills, and rent have been paid for, what you have left is at your disposal to use as you please, usually for investments or purchases. The way we use that money is a very personal choice. However, a far more precious commodity in my opinion is our time, because its one thing that we can never get more of. All we can do is make that absolute best use of the time we are allotted in life.   However, if you look at the…

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Reasons Why E-Mail is So Important

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  One of the things I found so striking when I interviewed Hal Elrod of The Miracle Morning was how he said when he reached his lowest point in life, when he was in debt, had no prospects, his health was bad, and felt like his life was in shambles, he called a friend to talk about it. After going through his whole story for what felt like hours, his friend listened quietly and finally said, “Are you exercising every day?” Hal was irritated at the question, and thought his friend might have been acting callously, or simply hadn’t really listened…

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How to Use Rational Procrastination To Move Tasks Forward

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Rational Procrastination??? Sounds like a total contradiction right? Well, it’s a concept I’ve come up with to help you make progress on the projects that you just can’t seem to get any momentum on. First, you have to understand the two components. I had a great podcast interview with Tim Pychyl of where he explained how procrastination is an emotional experience where we basically say we don’t feel like doing something and thus put it off. The problem of course is that things need to get done, whether we feel like doing it or not. Your home needs to be kept clean,…

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