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Free-Time versus Free-Mind

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Not long ago, I was reading an article from Chris Guillebeau in which he draws a bold conclusion: Productive people never have free-time. That statement gave me pause and – after reflecting upon it in detail – I came to my own bold conclusion: Chris is right. As mentioned before on the podcast, my workdays are basically Mondays and Wednesdays. I work long and hard on those days – this past Wednesday featured 11 meetings back-to-back – which means there is approximately zero opportunity for anything remotely resembling free-time. Yet in spite of the loaded schedule, I hardly (if ever)…

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Outsourcing Efficiently and Defeating Objections

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The benefits of secret strategic outsourcing, whether implemented for personal or professional use, are no secret. It’s also no secret that I love outsourcing. After all, it is one of Less Doing’s three tenets. But in the Less Doing mantra of “Optimize, Automate, Outsource” pay close attention to where the term outsource appears: Optimize → Automate → Outsource People habitually approach outsourcing the wrong way; they see outsourcing as the first step rather than the last. Don’t just head to Fiverr and start outsourcing on a whim. Identify the underlying issues of your efficiency problem – see if there’s a way…

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Outsourcing Hunger—No, Not the Eating Kind

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When thinking of outsourcing, don’t limit yourself to the material; outsourcing can encompass far more than physical tasks. Let me explain… At this point at in my life, I’m no longer driven financial or professional accolades. If Less Doing disappeared tomorrow, I know I could lean on my background as a real estate developer to provide everything I need financially. Now, do I want Less Doing to succeed?—absolutely. In fact, I want it to become the #1 name in productivity. But that want alone is not enough to keep me on-point 24/7. The truth is I’d rather spend more time…

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Guest Post from Russ Perry – Father-preneur Hacks: Managing fatherhood and entrepreneurship without going insane

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Along our quest to optimize, be more efficient, increase the speed of our neural pathways, and pursue our life of greatness, many of us experience a stunning one, sometimes two punch combo that completely derails our game-plan. The more traditional first punch is marriage. We meet the person of our dreams and suddenly our perfectly plotted strategic plan to launch/build/improve/achieve melts away. Before we know it, a second left-hook is flying in and even further knocks the entrepreneurial wind out of us – fatherhood. As a married father of two beautiful daughters, I’ve experience both of these “punches” to my…

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These 4 Things Are Killing Your Ability To Think And Focus – By Dave Asprey

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  Back when I was fat, I’d wake up feeling noticeably weaker and slower on some days than others. I figured these were symptoms of being overweight, but I didn’t understand why they were so much worse from day to day. As I researched the Bulletproof Diet, I realized that there were 4 things in my diet that were slowing me down and killing my ability to think and focus. These 4 things were different types of anti-nutrients, toxins that are used to keep animals, bugs, and fungi from eating the plants so the plants can reproduce. The key to…

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Why I Am Getting Off The Amazon Train

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After years of loving and supporting Amazon I wanted to share a recent experience that has ensured I will never use Amazon again. From now on every purchase I make will be done using Fetch, a company that knows how to treat it’s customers and has shown me that you can save a lot of money by ordering from Amazon.com’s competitors. Below is the recent email I sent to Jeff Bezos: Mr. Bezos,   My Amazon account was recently closed after being a faithful customer and public advocate for well over 10 years.    I created a productivity system called…

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Guest Post – The Limitations of Your Brain

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  I have been a long time fan of Ari and listener of his podcast. He has greatly helped optimize several aspects of my life, plus automating/outsourcing dozens of them. Without us ever speaking to each other. That seems pretty effective!   I have felt the benefits of a productivity system like Less Doing on myself, and experienced how it can be a tremendous relief of stress, when you get to take responsibility off your plate, and let computers or other people take care of it instead.   Most times, it is not even about being lazy or getting off…

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Screencasts vs. Written Processes

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    One of the unique concepts that I am most proud of is “The Manual of You”. This manual is a series of exercises that takes a granular look at the processes we all go through on a regular basis and analyzes the steps required to complete those processes. Whether that process is paying a bill, posting a new podcast to your blog, or even making your lunch, everything you do can be broken down into descriptive steps.   We have two systems in our brain: the automatic, energy saving system, and the more analytical, higher-level thinking system. Anything…

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Why Deferring to Tomorrow is Bad for Your Brain

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  A few months ago, I was at a conference and stopped in to hear a speech by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, the number one entrepreneur-coaching program. He was talking about how thinking in terms of 2x growth is much worse than thinking in terms of 10x growth. This comment came as part of an explanation of how to grow your business. Sullivan explained that when you think in terms of doubling your revenue, sales, or growth, that it’s actually really bad for your brain because it puts you in a box. You become short sighted and the real…

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