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3 Ways to Heal Your Gut Fast – Guest Post from Ben Greenfield


Ben Greenfield is one of the top minds in health and wellness. He’s the engine behind, the amazing Ben Greenfield Podcast, a personal friend, and the guy I go to when I can’t figure out something having to do Continue reading

Want to Fend Off Disease? Mix Up Your Workouts –


Inflammation isn’t the sexiest fitness topic under the sun, but it’s a vital bodily response to harm. If we get into a car accident, inflammation will protect injured joints through swelling; think of it as a surge of soldiers from Continue reading

Guest Post from Brad Wilson of – Saving Time at The Airport

Courtesy of Flickr User Hunter-Desportes

Saving time and freeing up your mind is my primary goal and sometimes that also means saving money. Brad started in 2001 as a college student trying to show friends and classmates money-saving tips and tricks both online and offline. Today Continue reading

Guest Post from Laura Skladzinski – The Woman Who Runs Way More Than You

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Laura Skladzinski is an amazing inspiration. She decide to become the youngest woman to run all 50 US state marathons and she did it by 25. I ran one marathon in my life and I could never see myself doing Continue reading

Guest Post: Let Someone Else Write the Blog by Jennifer Olson of Blogmutt


When you started your small business, it was clear that the core processes to running your business should include these five, as stated in BizManualz: ​ Sales & Marketing ​ Accounting & Technology ​ Quality & Product/Service Delivery ​ Management, Continue reading

Guest Post: Finding Out YOUR Virtual Assistant Needs

Guest Post: Finding Out YOUR Virtual Assistant Needs

Nick Loper is the founder of, a leading resource for virtual assistant reviews.  Heres Nick: There are already 101 posts about “101 things a virtual assistant can do for you.” This won’t be another one of those. This is about how Continue reading

Guest Post: Conserving Energy and Why I Have a Pushup Alarm Clock

Scott Britton is a fellow life hacker and Skillshare Master Teacher. His class 30+ Life Hacks to have more money, time, energy, and well being is totally awesome. He has some really cool and practical ways of dealing with time Continue reading