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Free-Time versus Free-Mind

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Not long ago, I was reading an article from Chris Guillebeau in which he draws a bold conclusion: Productive people never have free-time. That statement gave me pause and – after reflecting upon it in detail – I came to my own bold conclusion: Chris is right. As mentioned before on the podcast, my workdays are basically Mondays and Wednesdays. I work long and hard on those days – this past Wednesday featured 11 meetings back-to-back – which means there is approximately zero opportunity for anything remotely resembling free-time. Yet in spite of the loaded schedule, I hardly (if ever)…

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Outsourcing Efficiently and Defeating Objections

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The benefits of secret strategic outsourcing, whether implemented for personal or professional use, are no secret. It’s also no secret that I love outsourcing. After all, it is one of Less Doing’s three tenets. But in the Less Doing mantra of “Optimize, Automate, Outsource” pay close attention to where the term outsource appears: Optimize → Automate → Outsource People habitually approach outsourcing the wrong way; they see outsourcing as the first step rather than the last. Don’t just head to Fiverr and start outsourcing on a whim. Identify the underlying issues of your efficiency problem – see if there’s a way…

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Outsourcing Hunger—No, Not the Eating Kind

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When thinking of outsourcing, don’t limit yourself to the material; outsourcing can encompass far more than physical tasks. Let me explain… At this point at in my life, I’m no longer driven financial or professional accolades. If Less Doing disappeared tomorrow, I know I could lean on my background as a real estate developer to provide everything I need financially. Now, do I want Less Doing to succeed?—absolutely. In fact, I want it to become the #1 name in productivity. But that want alone is not enough to keep me on-point 24/7. The truth is I’d rather spend more time…

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Podcast #120 with Jon Nastor of Hack The Entrepreneur

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Summary: In Episode #120 Ari sits down with fellow Mastermind enthusiast Jon Nastor of Hack the Entrepreneur. During their conversation, Ari and Jon discuss processes for successful podcasting and the often overlooked benefits that come with setting up a successful podcast. Sponsored By: Design Pickle Unlimited graphic design services for a single, straightforward, monthly fee. No more messy quoting processes. No more project-to-project hiring hassles. Special Announcements: Less Doing Live Event The Less Doing LIVE Event in NYC is less than six months away! The best minds in business and productivity are joining Ari in his hometown of New York…

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Using for Goal Setting

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    Less Doing More Living – BLOG Making Micro-Goals Matter When it comes to goal-setting, people tend to set goals that are simply too grandiose or long-term. Starting the New Year with a general “I want to lose weight” or “I want to learn French” is not a recipe for success. How much weight do you want to lose?—One pound or fifty? When it comes to speaking French, do you want to be able to order a meal in a Parisian restaurant or conduct an interview on French TV? The more specifically you can define your objectives the better….

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Podcast #115 with Maneesh Sethi Of Pavlok

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Episode 115 Summary: In Episode #115 Ari sits down with Maneesh Sethi, a self-described victim of severe ADD and the founder of Pavlok, a new, wearable device designed to help people break their bad habits. During their conversation, Maneesh and Ari talk about the technology behind Pavlok, its story from concept to creation and the major benefits of breaking bad habits and increasing productivity. Time Stamped Show Notes: 21:54 – Introduction of Maneesh Sethi, the founder and creator of the Pavlok 22:23 – Maneesh defines what Pavlok is and how it changes what we do 24:10 – The mammalian brain…

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Podcast #109 with Chris Ducker of The New Business Podcast

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Episode 109 Summary: In Episode #109, Ari shares the Less Doing podcast with Master outsourcer Chris Ducker of The New Business Project. During their conversation, these two outsourcing gurus share their respective histories, commonly held beliefs and fun anecdotes about some of their strangest encounters with the world of outsourcing. Sponsored By: RevYourself – What if you could squeeze every last drop of excitement from life, with compromising your health on the inside or outside? What if you could achieve amazing feats of body and mind without wearing down? Ben Greenfield believes you can by “getting revved” – and here…

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These 4 Things Are Killing Your Ability To Think And Focus – By Dave Asprey

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  Back when I was fat, I’d wake up feeling noticeably weaker and slower on some days than others. I figured these were symptoms of being overweight, but I didn’t understand why they were so much worse from day to day. As I researched the Bulletproof Diet, I realized that there were 4 things in my diet that were slowing me down and killing my ability to think and focus. These 4 things were different types of anti-nutrients, toxins that are used to keep animals, bugs, and fungi from eating the plants so the plants can reproduce. The key to…

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Podcast #100 – Our Centenniel Episode

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Show Notes: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Also Check out Ari’s book “Less Doing, More Living“ Leave Your Questions for the Podcast HERE Get More Great Content and Full Show Notes with Transcript at Episode 100 Summary: In Episode #100 Felix sits down to interview regular host and Less Doing, More Living founder, Ari Meisel to celebrate the 100th recording of the Less Doing podcast. During their discussion, Ari touches on his battle with Crohn’s disease, the origins of Less Doing and how he facilitates success. Sponsored By: BulletProof Unfair Advantage – A mini-shot of ActivePQQ™ formulated to promote heart, cell,…

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