‘Less Doing Live’ is coming to NYC

From May 1-3, 2015
Less Doing, More Living
Founder Ari Meisel
Will Take New York City by Calm

Along with Special Guests Joe Polish,
Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, & More...


How To Be More Productive in Transit

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The focus of this post is actually how to get more done while in your car but while taking notes I realized that most of this applies to pretty much any mode of travel to allow you to use the time more effectively. These are just quick tips that I have compiled over several months so please enjoy. Exercise: There are several isometric exercises you can do while seated in your car. Try using your hands only to lift yourself an inch or so off the seat and hold that as long as you can or press your hands against either…

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Podcast #60 Nadya Andreeva – Yoga & Ayurvedic Medicine

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In this episode Ari talks with Nadya Andreeva of SpinachandYoga.com. Nadya tells how the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine can help heal your body from the inside-out. Nadya uses a customized approach to healing the body, specifically focusing on the gut, in her new book Happy Belly. For years she struggled with digestive issues, but finally found relief when she discovered Ayurveda. Ayrveda taught her about how the body acts as a complex system and how digestion is affected through a variety of lifestyle factors. After getting well, she went on to study how each person’s path to…

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Next Level Networking

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There are all sorts of methods and practices for maintaining your network and increasing connections but here is the one I have found to be the most effective and requires the least amount of effort: Make Your Connector Happy Think about some opportunity that has come your way, a new job, an interview, or even a friendship. We tend to focus on the end result and the provider of the result but if you think about what the genesis of that connection was, you might discover some interesting things. For instance, the other day I had an interview with the…

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Automate Your Basic Payments with Square Cash and Zapier

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Recently Square, the people who made it easy for anyone with an iOS device to accept credit cards, came out with Square Cash. It’s a service that allows you to send and receive money to anyone for FREE. All you need is their email address. It’s really an incredibly easy and fast service. You can go to their website right now and put in your email to receive a dollar and see how it works. The first time you use the app you put in an amount of money and then say send, then you put in the persons email…

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How to Master the Art of Breathing

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Each week I write an article about tech and health for The Daily Beast and here’s the latest: Did you know there’s more than one way to breathe? Changing the way you inhale and exhale can help you feel more relaxed, energized, or focused. Breathing: you do it more than 25,000 times on the average day. And for all sorts of reasons—overloaded lifestyles, hours spent at a desk hunched over a computer, or sitting on the couch watching TV—people tend to breathe incorrectly.Now you might be asking, how can I possibly be breathing wrong? Generally speaking, a good breath is…

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