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Less Doing Live is coming to NYC

From 1-3 May, Ari Meisel
Will Take New York City by Calm

Along with Special Guests Joe Polish,
Dean Jackson, Dave Asprey, Jordan Harbinger


Podcast #59 with Glenn Taylor of Taymount Clinic

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Summary: In Episode #59 Ari shares his time with microbiologist Glenn Taylor of the Taymount Clinic, a medical facility in the UK dedicated to the improvement of digestive health. During their conversation, Ari and Glenn define what makes for an effective fecal microbiota transplant, as well as outline the oft overlooked impact of the digestive system on physical and emotional health. Sponsored By: Zazzle – The best online source for the creation of customized merchandise. Time Stamped Show Notes:          21:26 – Introduction of Glenn Taylor          21:51 – Glenn explains how he become an expert in fecal microbiota transplants…

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Podcast #114 with Mark Alexander Of ARX fit

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  Summary: In Episode #114 Ari interviews Mark Alexander, CEO of ARX Fit the company behind a new, eCentric-focused fitness technology. During their conversation, Ari and Mark discuss in great detail the science and tech behindARX as well as the common oversights of entrepreneurs entrenched in the day-to-day of their business. Time Stamped Show Notes:          23:04 – Introduction of Mark Alexander, CEO of AXR Fit podcast          23:41 – Mark defines ARX as an abbreviation and as a company          24:00 – Man vs Machine; the machine is always going to be stronger          25:08 – eCentric training defined…

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Podcast #113 with Matthew Turner Of Turndog Millionaire

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  Summary: In Episode #113 Ari sits down with author and brand storyteller Mathew Turner to discuss how mistakes, when used properly, become launch-pads for success.  During their chat, Matthew shares some of his most important mistakes, the associated lessons learned and the origins of The Successful Mistake. Time Stamped Show Notes:          17:34 – Introduction of Mathew Turner of Turndog          18:13 – What it means to Matthew to be a storyteller          18:50 – Though he’s an author, Matthew’s background is in marketing          20:15 – Sharing the stories about a company’s people, ideals or heritage makes for…

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Podcast #112 with Dean Jackson Of I Love Marketing

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Episode 112 Summary: In Episode #112 Ari chats with Dean Jackson of the I Love Marketing podcast. During their conversation, Ari and Dean clearly define methods and strategies designed to help people become more effective in all aspects of life, not just marketing. Ari asks Dean about the secrets to his success, as well as the story behind the 9-Word Email, 90-Minute Book and living a friction-free life. Time Stamped Show Notes: 22:48 – Introduction of Dean Jackson of the I Love Marketing podcast 23:23 – How I Love Marketing came to be 25:35 – Are you working efficiently or…

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Podcast #111 with Ariel Garten of InteraXon

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Summary: In Episode #111, Ari shares the Less Doing podcast with Ariel Garten the CEO of InteraXon, and designer of MUSE™ the brain sensing headband. Ari takes this opportunity to ask Ariel about the history and technology behind MUSE™, as well as the science the human brain. Time Stamped Show Notes: 18:29 – Introduction of Ariel Garten of InteraXon 18:50 – Ariel explains the MUSE™ headband 19:15 – How Ariel started this project and how the brain became a topic of interest 19:50 – The first generation of the MUSE™ 20:50 – The MUSE™ tracks a whole range of specific…

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