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Voice Blog – Evernote Life Tracking

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Sometimes it’s easier to speak then to write and thanks to the wonderful transcription services on Fiverr I’m able to provide you with this post. This is my first attempt at having a blog post transcribed from recorded audio. So here it goes. It occurred to me while I was looking at my Evernote the other day that Evernote is the perfect free web-based service to completely track every aspect of your life. Most services nowadays that are Web 2.0 and have to do with tracking information have some sort of integration with Evernote. Whether they can pull from Evernote…

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Podcast#25 w/Barry Gross of BillCutterz

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Today I got to Interview Barry Gross from BillCutterz. I hope you enjoy it! Links from the Show: BillCutterz ( Promo Code LESSDOING2013 This podcast was edited and remastered professionally using Fiverr as well as fully transcribed using Fiverr Ari: Hi and welcome to the podcast. Today I’m talking with Barry Gross of billcutterz. Hi, Barry. Barry: Hey, Ari. How are you today? Ari: I’m doing great. Thank you so much for making the time to talk to me. So first of all, let everyone know what billcutterz is. Barry: Billcutterz is a money saving program for individuals, businesses, and…

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The Less Doing Guide to Social Media

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First let me make an important disclaimer. I know NOTHING about social media and have no training on the subject. This guide is for someone like me who has no idea how to use social media for spreading their message or it’s value to their brand. Still interested? Ok, lets go… The big question I suppose is why bother? I completely agree and was always against social networking as a way to spend my time, mostly because I never really “got it.” As with many things my feeling is that if you can automate something in a way that it…

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Solution Sundays

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Solution Sundays is a brand new series I’m implementing. Every Sunday I will briefly tell you about a problem or challenge I faced this week and the solution I found to overcome it. These issues will range from health to productivity and though they may be specific to me, the principles of discovering solutions to problems are universally applicable. The Problem I was working out at my Crossfit gym this week because of the nature of the movements we were doing, I couldn’t keep my phone in my pocket. Since my son was born I’ve been in the habit of…

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No You Can't Just Do It Yourself

No You Can’t Just Do It Yourself

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I was speaking with a friend the other day about using a virtual assistant and he asked “What kinds of things do you have them do?” I started telling him about some specific-to-me tasks that I like to outsource but than mentioned that I also have them do some very basic quick tasks like google searches and phone calls. He looked at me and said, “Why don’t you just do that yourself, wouldn’t it be quicker and easier than typing up an email?”   The short answer is “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO!!!!”   Could I call up a local store and see…

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Tips & Tricks: How To Become a Call Routing Jedi

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When you want to be a remote control warrior and run your business from halfway across the world, proper call routing is of the utmost importance. Simply using a voicemail transcription service or having a virtual assistant check and deal with emails is amateur level, you can get very detailed with a couple of low cost tools and the right setup. The Trick Several cell phone providers offer conditional forwarding. Generally all calls get forwarded to voicemail if you don’t pick up but with conditional forwarding you can get specific and have calls forward to different numbers if you are out of…

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Tips & Tricks: Progressing Beyond A Dedicated Virtual Assistant

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My virtual assistant, Christy, who has worked with me for over a year, recently got a promotion at the outsourcing company she works for and would no longer be a virtual assistant. I immediately panicked and started figuring out how I would work with a new assistant so I worked with Christy to come up with a list of all the tasks she does for me on a regular basis. In coming up with this list I realized something remarkable, 95% of the tasks could be completed without an assistant through the use of web apps or mobile applications, 4%…

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