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The Human Autoresponder

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One of the most difficult things to outsource, much less optimize, is email. Not only do people have trouble letting go of control over something so personal and in many case critical to their way of operating, but they also have no idea where to begin. I have come up with what I’m calling “The Human Autoresponder” and while the components are not necessarily that ground breaking, the compilation and final outcome is what really has me salivating over the possibilities. Basically it works like this…you pick a certain keyword or combination of keywords that you often see in your incoming “essential”…

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It’s All Just A Little Bit of History Repeating or What To Do When Assistants Move On

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It happened again, my wonderful virtual assistant got promoted and someone else is taking over. When this happened 2 years ago, I panicked and had a very bad couple of days scrambling to figure out what I was going to do. This and the fact that I realized that stress was an enormous component of my Crohn’s Disease lead me to start less doing as a way of reducing stress by freeing up my time, and optimizing and automating as much of my work flow as possible so I could rely less on the human element. At the time I…

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Achievement Architecture

How To Make Everything in Life Easier – Achievement Architecture

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What is Achievement Architecture? Almost a year ago I started teaching The Art of Less Doing through Skillshare. The original purpose of the class was to clarify the content I was planning for a book. At the time, I had developed the nine fundamentals of the system and had a lot of good information to go on. The first few classes were really great in terms of showing me what made sense to people and areas where they needed more guidance. After the fourth class, one of the students came up to me and asked if I did individual consulting….

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Achievement Architecture - Be More Effective

Achievement Architecture – Be More Effective

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“What I need is someone who will make me do what I can.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson Less Doing has taken me on a path I never intended but am nonethelessvery pleased with. A few months ago I started teaching classes throughSkillshare (a wonderful platform) on The Art of Less Doing. Theoriginal goal was simply to get live feedback and hone my content,really just to see if anyone found it interesting. It turns out I wasbeing very short sighted. Incidentally, I find that it’s ok to beshort sighted as long as you keep an open mind to any otheropportunities that might…

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