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Owning Your Time: Productivity Isn't About the Best To Do List

Owning Your Time: Productivity Isn’t About the Best To Do List

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A few weeks ago, I took a “work vacation.” I was visiting family in the middle of nowhere, fully intending to work without any distractions. This time was supposed to be ultra-productive, but after a week, I looked back and realized there wasn’t a single day that I had completely finished my to do list. I had all the time in the world, and it still managed to disappear, and a lot of stuff did not get done. I call this the NGTD system. I’m starting to doubt the effectiveness of systems like GTD. Don’t get me wrong, the Getting…

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Fundamentals of Less Doing: Creating an External Brain

Fundamentals of Less Doing: Creating an External Brain

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Fundamentals of Less Doing is a series of articles detailing how we think about productivity from a conceptual level. If you are new to Less Doing, the Fundamentals series is a great place to start. One of the most important things you can do to have a life of Less Doing is to have a system that allows you to find anything at any time. If you want to remember something, your head is not a very good place to keep it. The fundamental problem with trying to remember everything is that in doing so, you run out of space…

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Tips & Tricks: Your Last To Do = Setting Your First To Do

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A few weeks ago, I realized that at the end of many days the most important thing on my to do list is still there. This is extremely frustrating. If the important things don’t get done, then you really are not moving forward. I came up with a simple solution that I have found very effective. The Trick Before I fall asleep (with my life jacket on), I determine the one thing that I really, really need to get done the next day. (If I am feeling ambitious, I will set my entire to do list for the next day…

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