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Tips & Tricks: How To Become a Call Routing Jedi

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When you want to be a remote control warrior and run your business from halfway across the world, proper call routing is of the utmost importance. Simply using a voicemail transcription service or having a virtual assistant check and deal with emails is amateur level, you can get very detailed with a couple of low cost tools and the right setup. The Trick Several cell phone providers offer conditional forwarding. Generally all calls get forwarded to voicemail if you don’t pick up but with conditional forwarding you can get specific and have calls forward to different numbers if you are out of…

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Tips & Tricks: Progressing Beyond A Dedicated Virtual Assistant

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My virtual assistant, Christy, who has worked with me for over a year, recently got a promotion at the outsourcing company she works for and would no longer be a virtual assistant. I immediately panicked and started figuring out how I would work with a new assistant so I worked with Christy to come up with a list of all the tasks she does for me on a regular basis. In coming up with this list I realized something remarkable, 95% of the tasks could be completed without an assistant through the use of web apps or mobile applications, 4%…

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Tips & Tricks: Following Up Without Going Crazy

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One of the nagging tasks that often comes up is follow up. When you are multi-tasking, automating, and outsourcing everything, it becomes very easy to setup a task and than completely forget about it. A perfect example of out of sight, out of mind, how can you keep on top of things without dedicated brain power to it?   The Trick I have started using a service called which is a really great free service. Basically you just cc a time period and then it will automatically follow up with the original email to the recipient at that time….

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Tips & Tricks: Your Last To Do = Setting Your First To Do

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A few weeks ago, I realized that at the end of many days the most important thing on my to do list is still there. This is extremely frustrating. If the important things don’t get done, then you really are not moving forward. I came up with a simple solution that I have found very effective. The Trick Before I fall asleep (with my life jacket on), I determine the one thing that I really, really need to get done the next day. (If I am feeling ambitious, I will set my entire to do list for the next day…

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