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Podcast #33 w/Dave Pell of NextDraft

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Today I got to interview Dave Pell from NextDraft! I hope you enjoy it! Links from the show: NextDraft @DavePell Toyota Donates Efficiency Instead of Money This podcast was edited and remastered professionally using Fiverr as well as fully transcribed using Fiverr Ari: Hey, everyone. Today we’ve got Dave Pell from Next Draft; hey, Dave. Dave: Hey, how’s it going? Ari: Great, thank you. I’m so excited to talk to you today. First of all, tell everyone what Next Draft is. Dave: Next Draft is a daily newsletter and iPhone app where I cover the day’s Top 10 most fascinating news story. I basically break…

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How To Deal With Daily Information Overload

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It’s nice to be in the know right? Having an idea of what’s going on in the world and what’s new in your industry is interesting, exciting, and sometimes essential to progressing in your business and personal life. With such easy access to so many sources of information each day, it’s pretty easy to become overwhelmed and lose track. These are the tools I use and the  steps I take to read over 1000 blog posts each day and act on the ones that are actually important to me. Part of this is about psychology, realizing that you can’t possibly…

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Essential Vs. Optional

Essential Vs. Optional

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Just because I’m always focusing on trimming the fat and pairing things down to their most basic and efficient elements does not mean I do not enjoy the optional things in life. As a matter of fact, everything I talk about on the blog, the entire framework of optimize, automate, and outsource, is meant to free up your time and your mind so that you can do the things you really want to and not just the things you have to. If you have a half hour of free time during the work day because you used the principles of…

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