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The 3 Keys to
Becoming Replaceable

The “Optimize, Automate, and
Outsource” Method

Discover how our “Optimize, Automate, and Outsource” Method can help you reclaim your time and become more replaceable.

Being replaceable is about removing bottlenecks holding your business back from scalable growth.

In this short, three-part video series, Ari discusses effective communication, project management, and processes.

Mastering these three areas will bring focus, freedom, and flexibility to your business.

I’ve created three short videos on these topics that will transform the way you view your business….

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Workshop / Mini-Course

Every day you’re probably drowning under the mountain of tasks involved in running your business.

Very little of your time is spent on the work you enjoy.

Instead, you spend most of it on the day-to-day things you wish your team could handle for you.

If you’d like to reclaim at least 10 hours a week of your time and spend it on the activities you love, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Overwhelmology Workshop will show you how to address all the little things that are drowning your energy and life force so that they no longer get in the way of you doing what you need to do.

You’ll discover how to put effective systems and processes in place as well as how to properly approach project management and team communication so that it helps you get more done in less time (without causing you stress).

Click the link below to sign up for the free “Overwhelmology Workshop”.

It will help you reclaim at least 10 hours a week of your time so you can spend it on the activities you love

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Team Communication Guide

The team communication guide is designed to help you master the #1 most common form of communication among teams today:

Asynchronous Communication

Doing as much asynchronously as possible is going to be a drastic time-saver—now and in the future.

Download the free guide below to learn how to engage in clear and effective asynchronous communication with your team.

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Project Management Mastery

Effective project management is the #1 key ingredient that allows you to turn your ideas into PROFIT.

Most entrepreneurs and teams struggle when it comes to implementing their ideas.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or drowning in a backlog of tasks, it’s likely because of your project management process (or lack thereof).

That’s why we created this guide: Project Management Mastery.

When you download this guide, you’ll discover the three most critical components you need to have in place in order to have an effective project management system.

These are the same three pillars we teach inside many of our higher-end trainings, and you’ll get to learn them inside this guide, completely free.

If you implement this project management process in your business, you’ll finally be able to successfully take your projects from start to finish (while ensuring that you and your team stay focused, clear, and organized through every step of the process).

Once you install this process in your company, it’ll change the the way things run from the inside out,

and it will become the new “engine” that drives your projects forward, ensuring that things get done.

Click the button below to download the guide.

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Process Playbook

Checklists for the 5 Processes Every Business Needs

The Process Playbook guide is designed to help you master the #1 most important (and often overlooked) part of systematizing your business:

Documenting Your Processes

Getting as many of your systems and processes documented as possible is going to be a drastic time-saver—now and in the future.

Download this free guide to learn how to create simple, clear, and effective processes.

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Inbox Zero Template

Your step-by-step plan to achieve and maintain a clear inbox

In this free resource guide, you’ll discover a foolproof system for managing email so you can get to inbox zero and gain countless hours of your life back each day.

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Trello Template

Discover a simple project management template to get you started with Trello.

If you’re not already using a project management system to manage your projects from start to completion, this template is going to help you get started with a simple project plan that you can begin using immediately.

Download this free project management template below to learn how to engage in a clear and effective project management process with your team.

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Daily Stand-Up Video

Step-by-step instructions plus an automation template help you stop wasting time on daily meetings and to instead create an asynchronous check—in with your team.

Download this free resource below to learn how to turn your daily stand-up meetings into a clear, simple, and effective asynchronous process that you can use with your team.

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Process Optimization

Simple 5-step plan to create an optimized and documented process quickly and accurately

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6 Levels of Delegation

This webinar will show you the six different levels of delegation.

This will give you a much better process for delegating things to your team with more clarity, speed, and accuracy.

It will also help you avoid miscommunication and redundancy.

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Idea Capture
Automation Templates

These idea capture automation templates will provide you with a much better process for capturing your ideas with greater simplicity, ease, and automation.

This will also help you avoid getting distracted when you have new ideas or wasting time looking for ideas you have captured before.

Download this free resource below to learn how to implement a new and optimized idea capture process.

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Automation Templates

These business automation templates will turn everyday business functions that you probably do manually right now into automations that you can use to free up your time.

This will help you avoid wasting time doing repetitive tasks and allow you to focus on the key initiatives in your business that drive company growth.

Download this free resource below to learn how to automate common business functions that you don’t need to be doing manually.

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Providers List

This is a list of the top outsource providers we use to outsource and delegate tasks to so that we can free up our time to do the things that make the biggest impact in the business.

Don’t waste your time trying to do everything yourself or burn your money working with people that will hold up your projects or not deliver to the quality or standard you like.

Download this free resource below to get a list of trusted outsource providers that we’ve used for a wide range of things in our business.

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