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Episode #203 with Floyd Marinescu of C4 Media

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Summary: In Episode #203 Ari shares the Less Doing Podcast with Floyd Marinescu, CEO and Founder of C4Media, a media company that focuses on delivering unbiased content and information in the enterprise development community, through two main platforms, InfoQ and QCon Conferences. Listen as Ari and Floyd discuss the challenges of running a company in the virtual space, and the tricks they use to make it all work. Time Stamped Show Notes: 12:55 – Introduction of Floyd Marinescu, CEO and Founder of C4Media 13:40 – At the age of 37, Floyd has only had eight months of in-office experience—he’s always…

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Episode #202 with Mike Goldman of Breakthrough Performance

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Summary: In Episode #202 Ari shares the Less Doing Podcast with Mike Goldman of Performance Breakthrough, a company that helps mid-sized businesses achieve dramatic growth through leadership development, and habit/culture optimization. Listen as Ari and Mike discuss the importance of culture, core values, and the danger of over-emphasizing company strategy. Time Stamped Show Notes: 13:01 – Introduction of Mike Goldman of Performance Breakthrough 13:18 – Mike describes his background 13:30 – First 17 years of career involved consulting for Fortune 500 companies 14:00 – How Mike got into Gazelles 15:32 – The impetus for creating the Performance Breakthrough book 17:17…

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Meetings—You’re Doing Them Wrong

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Meetings are the bane of my existence. It’s not that I’m not diametrically opposed to meetings. Under the right circumstances and executed under the proper guidelines, meetings can be a great expenditure of time… …The problem is, most meetings—I’m willing to say 95% them—are not held under the right circumstances nor are executed under the proper guidelines. The average meeting is horrifically inefficient. It involves too many people, too many touchpoints, too many questions, and—most importantly—too much time. No meeting, no matter the significance, should take longer than 30 minutes. I don’t care if it’s about your business, your mortgage,…

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Episode #201 – with Max More of Alcor

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Summary: In Episode #201 Ari shares the Less Doing Podcast with Max More of Alcor, a company that will put you into cold-storage—literally—through cryogenic freezing. Listen as Ari and Max talk about the scientific and philosophical challenges of cryogenics, as well as how Alcor operates as a truly “long-term” business. Time Stamped Show Notes: 11:06 – Introduction of Max More of Alcor 11:19 – What Alcor does 12:40 – The process for preservation 12:54 – The two main parts of the Cryonic procedure—freezing and reanimation 13:42 – There is evidence that the brain is being preserved under reasonable conditions 14:01…

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Episode #200 – With Evolutionary Psychologist Geoffrey Miller

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Summary: In Episode #200 Ari interviews Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist who studies human nature through the lens of ancestral survival and reproductive behaviors.  Listen as Ari and Geoffrey talk about the latter’s studies and experiences as a researcher in a relatively unexplored field. Special Announcements: Leave Us a Review! Hey Less Doing Podcast Listeners, we want to hear from YOU! Visit us on iTunes and leave a review or subscribe to the podcast if you’re not already a dedicated follower.  Time Stamped Show Notes: 11:45 – Geoffrey joins the show. 11:53 – Evolutionary psychology is a relatively new field…

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