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From May 1-3, 2015
Less Doing, More Living
Founder Ari Meisel
Will Take New York City by Calm

Along with Special Guests Joe Polish,
Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, & More...

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Podcast #62 Mira & Jayson Calton – Calton Nutrition

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In this episode Ari shares how he’s been hacking his allergies using specific vitamins and minerals and by using raw honey. He also answers listener questions related to using virtual assistants, tracking your health, and practicing gratitude in your life. Later, Ari interview Jayson & Mira Calton, founders of Calton Nutriton. The Calton’s have created high-quality nutritional products to help people get the most from their supplements. They’ve created top of the line multivitamins, protein, and MCT oil blends to optimize your nutrition. Chapters: 00:00:00 Hacking Allergies w Vitamins $10 off Coupon Code: $10lessdoing 00:05:00 TimeSvr vs FancyHands 00:05:15 TimeSvr 00:08:00 FancyHands 00:10:30 Tracking Health…

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Four Fatty (But Healthy!) Power Meals to Fuel Your Day

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Each week I write an article about tech and health for The Daily Beast and here’s the latest: Pile on the avocado, blend in those chia seeds and slice up some sardines—these dishes promise a dose of satisfaction all day long. Must pack a punch. For me, a diet that’s high in fats (the good kinds!) works really well. In addition, I eat between 11a.m. and 7p.m. every day, which lets me take advantage of intermittent fasting, allowing my body and digestive system to get a rest or a reset. Here are four staple meals that keep me performing at…

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Podcast #61 Holger Seim of Blinkist

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Subscribe to The Less Doing Podcast on iTunes and Youtube   Show Notes Ari talks about some productivity hacks he’s been up to this past week, including making a standing desk from stacks of diapers (shipped via Amazon subscribe & save of course), to learning how to overcome cognitive bias. Ari also answers listener questions about saturated fat, HRV training, and tools for planning big projects. Later in the show, he interviews Holger Seim, CEO of Blinkist. Blinkist is a service that creates beautiful summaries of must-read non-fiction books. Most “blinks” take less than 20 min to read. Be sure…

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How To Be More Productive in Transit

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The focus of this post is actually how to get more done while in your car but while taking notes I realized that most of this applies to pretty much any mode of travel to allow you to use the time more effectively. These are just quick tips that I have compiled over several months so please enjoy. Exercise: There are several isometric exercises you can do while seated in your car. Try using your hands only to lift yourself an inch or so off the seat and hold that as long as you can or press your hands against either…

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Podcast #60 Nadya Andreeva – Yoga & Ayurvedic Medicine

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In this episode Ari talks with Nadya Andreeva of Nadya tells how the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine can help heal your body from the inside-out. Nadya uses a customized approach to healing the body, specifically focusing on the gut, in her new book Happy Belly. For years she struggled with digestive issues, but finally found relief when she discovered Ayurveda. Ayrveda taught her about how the body acts as a complex system and how digestion is affected through a variety of lifestyle factors. After getting well, she went on to study how each person’s path to…

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